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i hate these things with a passion, and never do them. but for some odd reason, this one creeped me out. so....

Once there was a girl named Jamie, she was in 6th grade at Sequoia Middle School in Thousand Oaks. It was the day before outdoor school. She couldn't wait, she was so excited, she was packing practicaly everything in her room for the trip.
"Dont forget to pack your hairbrush, toothbrush, tooth paste, and toilet paper!!!" her mom yelled after her
"yea whatever mom" she shot back
Getting on the bus the next day, the boy she liked asked if she would sit next to her. Of course she said yes and the whole ride there was wonderful. She found out that he had feelings for her too!
Then it was time to get off the bus, sadly for Jamie and her new boyfriend. They kissed eachother today and went on the grand tour of Camp Bloomfield. She was so exited she had gotten her best friends cabin and everything. Cabin ..1. She picked a camp name "Butterfly" and her best friend, Jessica, picked the name "Moon"
That night the counselor announced that they had to pick a bathroom buddy (at this time the bathrooms were outside) in case they had to go in the middle of the night.
It was now 9:30, lights out.
Jamie had bunked with Jessica because they were bathroom buddies and since they were so close she couldn't get to sleep because Jessica's faint snoring kept her awake.
Then, she slowly fell asleep.
All of the sudden, her eyes popped open, it was still dead silent in the cabin and dark outside, only the moonlight shining through the window in a stream across her bed.
She had to go to the bathroom so she jumped off the top bunk to wake up Jessica, only, Jessica wasn't there.
Figuring Jessica had to go to, and didnt want to wake Jamie, she went to the bathroom alone.
When she came back into the cabin, she noticed Jessica was still gone...
but Jamie was sure she was fine.
Then next time she awoke, it was broad day light and everyone was awake, and the counselor was crying.
She wouldnt tell anyone why and then Timber, the instructor of Camp Bloomfield, came in.
He announced everyone must evacuate without looking back, in a single file line. If he saw anyone talking or look back he would call their parents and have them sent home immediately.
Wondering what all the fuss was about, they obeyed, walking in a single file line out the front door.
Jamie was just too tempted and waited for an opportunity to look back.
No one was looking, and she WAS at the end of the line so she glanced back and couldnt believe what she had just seen.
There, beyond all the police, investigators, and FBI agents. Beyond all the caution tape and worried faces...
was Jessica.
She had a rope tied around her neck, and she was suspended from the tree. She was skinned clean and bloody. The only way Jamie recognized her way by her eyes, which were the only things that WERN'T skinned or completely covered in blood. There was a bloody knife laying on the ground beside Jessica and a note pinned onto her foot. It wasn't opened so she guessed the cops didn't read it yet for evidence of some kind.
She burst into tears at the sight of her slaughtered best friend and when the counselors asked what was wrong she simply replied "Where is Jessica, I want Jessica!"
The counselor stood up and continued walking, now at a faster pace hard for Jamie and her cabin mates to keep up with.

----------------one week later---------------------------

Jamie turned on the news to see if the weather was going to be warm or not. But instead, she saw a picture of Jessica as the reporter explained the tragic accident to the public on national television. Here is the reporters story:
"Just a week ago, here at Camp Bloomfiled, a young 12 year old child, Jessica Saunders, was murdered here. 'Taken straight out of her bed' Says the cabbin counselor. Her parents are devistated and are now filing a lawsuit against Camp Bloomfield. She was found cut up and hung by a rope on a tree with a disturbing note that read, 'She was good.'
As if this was not devistating enough, A week later, a man was spotted on Sleepy Hollow, a ground on the camp premises, was seen with a chunk of what looked like human flesh. 'He was chewing it up savagely' says Locust AKA kevin, a natralist here at Camp Bloomfield.
A devastating story by Alice Haffer, back to you Ted with the weather."

Jamie flicked off the TV, mortified at what she had just learned of her best friend. 2 weeks later, Jamie was found on her bed, at exactly 3:01 A.M. dead. She was slaughtered just as her best friend was.

Bad things happen...when you go to the bathroom alone.

Repost this within the next 2 minutes in Jessica and Jamie's memory. If you carelessly dont, both of the dead, slaughtered, girls will come to your bed and slaughter you in your sleep. Just as they were....
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