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you are to lauren as I am to tyler

today was....interesting.

homeroom talked about "mothers night"
1st koperberg was being an ass. i could go on for an hour, but i'm not going to.
2nd nothing, but tomorrow shall be much more lively.
nutrition started to rain. aubrey showed his hatred towards thomas.
3rd got in congress groups. i'm with alexia, conor, brian, and george. decided the only way to fix america after the civil war is to completely eliminate the south. our man ideas included sending them to china through a giant hole and blowing up the border, turning the south in to its own little island.
4th it was raining, so we just stayed by the benches the whole time. i panced lauren multiple times, was almost killed by tylers basketball, and got into a heated water fight with conor.
5th went on a search for a new chord, until derick saved the day.
lunch worst part of the day. courtney and lauren were being mean, eva was mad at me, and the only person that would actually respond to what i had to say was rikesh
6th made up with eva, which resulted in massive gossiping and yelling from fennell. conor tried to get me to sit by him, by giving me a poptart. but while getting the poptart out of his pocket he looked as though he was unzipping his pants......quite an awkward moment.
7th drew on henrys old reed. yelled at richard.

in both carpool rides today spencer choose to listen to radio disney. thank god for my ipod.

and on an odd note, my oboe teacher thinks i need glasses.

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