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gah. life is so weird right now. today could of been about 20 times better then it was. it started out fine. english went well. in band we had to do more of those stupid tests, but luckily this time i actually had someone to sit next to. nutrition and science were boring. i attempted to take a nap in geometry, didnt work. conor got me in trouble....asshole. did history stuff with anna. lunch was without a doubt the low point of my day. i put eva in a headlock, like i do with everyone, and she kicked me in the stomach as hard as she possibly could. i fell over and started to cry. i hate crying. i tried to stop, but couldnt. thank you casey and maddie for actually caring. oddly enough, the person that really made me feel better was daniel during pe. very weird if you ask me. the rest of pe was also quite enjoyable. out team was awesome. talked with alex, charlie, derick, and aaron during jazz band. mcd told samantha to solo, and she didnt want to, but being mcd, he forced her. that is until she started to cry. im sorry samantha, mcd is an ass. after school i worked on my explore la.

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