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can we have some strong men from the audience?

hmm. life is odd. i haven't updated in a million years. friday with lauren and kelsey was fun. saturday made me realize how much i hate palm springs. sunday was the kodak. a super ghetto fat security guard gave me a ghetto handshake (where you collide your knuckles instead of your hands) and asked if i had been "hanging with b.b. king recently"

. today was pretty good.

homeroom nothing interesting.
1st broke bridges. was almost crushed by a stack of textbooks taller then me.
2nd presented our thingys. read our haiku. tried to sing our song, but was abruptly stopped.
nutrition told conor kelsey, lauren and i were his belrussian friend.
3rd took tests. failed miserably. drew on laurens id...hehe
4th played softball. our team dominated. conor gave me a high five, and my hand is still stinging. discovered tyler isnt very bendable.
5th charlie kept turning my amp off. he also claims i have a "hannah's apple"
lunch talked with wierd 6th graders. couldn't buy lemondade because im white.
6th fennell was being mean. told me my book was "morbid and going to make me depressed"
7th went to go make copies of music. stopped and said hi to all the 7th period pe kids.

after school spencers dad was incredibly late. i need a new sn. suggestions?

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