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ricky do you have any sibilings? no..........wait, i thought you said you had a brother...i do

today was pretty good. weird schedule, which made the day seem to go by faster

homeroom kitajima was late, meaning we didnt have to do the pledge, meaning i didnt get yelled at for not doing it. ricky flicked kelsey off
3rd took notes
4th not nearly as much drama as yesterday. monique didnt have another break down, but did talk to me about how mr. marshall "has her back"
nutrition ate tasty cookie thing.
5th wrote thank you letters to the jazz people. worked on science homework.
6th took notes. drew on the desk accidentially
7th copied off robert for the cat 6 prep crap. finished science homework
lunch the best part of the day. we all started talking to ricky...which resulted in thomas being called a racist, ricky admitting he doesnt like girls and steven trying to whack rickys head with a watter bottle
1st built bridge. gossiped.
2nd took test. kelseys a very naughty girl...

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