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1) What exotic animal would conor_or_bust like as a pet? conor
2) Do you have a crush on oxy_moron91? no
3) Do itsall_platinum and over__the__hill go to the same school? no
4) How tall is stapled_silent? taller then me
5) Is _hungry_kiddo_ single? yes
6) When did you last call cheez_is_good? like a month or two ago to talk about the franz concert
7) What rank would eggcreamsrgood have in a giant robot army? um.. high?
8) What color should snapsforkelsey dye their hair? black
9) What is qnofhearts222's favorite color? no idea
10) Where was qnofhearts222 born? la?
11) How would second_2_none conquer the world? soccer balls
12) If snapsforkelsey took over the world, who would be happy? thomas
13) What would you do if you found out momilldoitlater has a crush on you? run far away
14) Are superbishop and spermwhale33 married? no, but they should be
15) Is cheez_is_good popular? very
16) What video game does wednsdythethird remind you of? tomb raider
17) What animal should spermwhale33 be combined with? a sperm whale
18) How many monkeys could tillysmiles fight at once and win against? a billion
19) What comic book character would repeatingsunday be? veronica
20) Does thepiphones have a big secret? probably
21) What planet should weenis_check be from? uranus
22) Have you ever dated conor_or_bust? no
23) Which president would happiness_gone be likely to idolize? no idea
24) What is texassucks12345's biggest flaw? i don't know her well enough
25) One quality you find attractive in anytime_at_all? he's a good muscian
26) Is in_reverie_ole in a relationship? i'm not sure
27) If ghlvrhaha had a superpower, what would it be? she can float
28) What song/movie would you recommend to thepiphones? rent
29) Is lilypad91 introverted or extroverted? ?
30) Is snapsforkelsey your best friend? i don't like the idea of best friends
31) If thepiphones and rideascooter were spliced together, what would be its name? samanand some 7th grader
32) What word best describes qnofhearts222? tall
33) Which of your friends should sophsticatdxgrl go out with? ...
34) Does piratemonkeys drink? no
35) Could you see happiness_gone and so_tonguetied together? oh yeah
36) What languages does stapled_silent speak? english, maybe korean
37) What would lxlxlxl_fence think of astridthegreat? pe buddies are awesome
38) Does superbishop have a dog? no
39) Does i_eat_penis have a crush on _____badxdesign? they don't know each other
40) Is sophsticatdxgrl dead sexy? of course
41) What is sophsticatdxgrl allergic to? no idea
42) Is in_reverie_ole a nerd? in her own way
43) What would rideascooter do differently in your shoes? ride a scooter
44) Is wednsdythethird related to _hungry_kiddo_? no
45) What is rideascooter's favorite movie? no idea
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