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hannah and andrews crazy adventure

today was one of the wildest/ghettoest/crazyest days ive ever had. it all started out at andrews house. we walked to vermont where we got starbucks and i took some pictures for explore la. we then got on the subway and went to hollywood and vine, where we encountered a homeless man being arrested for peeing on the subway. our plan was to go to roscos, but the wait was 45 minutes, so we we settled on kfc. i managed, for the second time, to throw my retainer in the trashcan. luckily, we get it out. we then walked to arclight and bought tickets to house of wax from some ghetto lady who didnt realize we were under 17. everything was going smoothly till we had to give someone else our tickets. she asked us how old we were, we said 16, she actually believed us, but said we needed to be 17. so now were stranded in the middle of hollywood. so we get back on the subway and to to citywalk. i call my mom, and she starts screaming at me and tells me i cant see a movie. of course, being the rebellious teenagers we are, we see house of wax anyway. it was one of the funniest movies ive seen in a long time. we then ran down a hill, through bushes, and passed security guards to get back to the subway, only to get on the wrong one. after stopping at the next stop, and realizing we were on the wrong one, we got on the right one. where we waited for 15 minutes before it started for no apparent reason. once on we listened to some gheto guy talk to who we were assuming was his wife or girlfriend about how "he didnt know she was a man". after rushing off the subway, getting "orgasmic" dr. pepper, and buying a mothers day present we arrived back at andrews house. once i got home we celebrated mothers day, even though its tomorrow, with some lovely thai food. i then managed to clean out my desk drawers, swifter the house, and do the laundry. im feeling oddly productive tonight.

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