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rumored desperate housewife denies rampant breat inflation!!

today was better than yesterday.

homeroom did announcements with eva and tracy.
1st acted out benjamin franklin with daniel. made conor bleed.
2nd had the weird russian sub. did homework with audrey.
nutrition dont remember
3rd got class best ballots.
4th played softball. found an inhaler (sp?) on the ground, gave it to ms small, and got one whole wolf dollar.
5th played when i wasnt supposed to.
lunch had yearbook meeting. marlen denied i had anything to do with the yearbook. isnt she nice. thomas was being an ass.
6th lauren made a funny mistake on her paper, and i asked ms.fennell about it. lauren got mad, and poured water in my pencil bag/box, causing our entire table to get wet.
7th danced with lesley to the altos part.

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