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you giant OAF! THREE! not TWO...not ONE...THREE!!

today was fun.

homeroom some ghetto guy stole evas seat, even though it was actually his seat
1st worked on bridge
2nd got in math groups. kelsey, lauren and i are going to make a movie acting out the proof and right hiaku's. continued preschool drawing
nutrition dont remember
3rd took notes. ghram made fun of me.
4th played softball. our team included, monique, kim, rikesh, gilberto, and aron. we lost 5-0
5th picked new song. which i actually have notes in. woot.
lunch worked on bridge.
6th conor ripped my vocab page out of my book, i screamed, and got yelled at. conor then marked like 10 wrong on my book, i tried to grab it from him, he shouted something along the lines of stop hannah, and i got yelled at. lauren and i were talking, i get yelled at, banished to sit next to daniel, and threatened to have to sit in the hallway. as you can probably tell, fennell was not on my good side today.
7th played cool hungariun song.

americas next top model is on soon.

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