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[30 Oct 2014|12:19am]

are fucking happy

[03 Mar 2007|04:35pm]
[ mood | in love ]

I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
I love greys anatomy
if you don't love it you're stupid.

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[11 Sep 2005|08:34pm]
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
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[06 Sep 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

tomorrows the first day of high school. thanks to everybody making these last 3 years the greatest of my life.

i fucking love you guys

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and now, without further adue, i give to you... [27 Jun 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was the first time i cried about graduating, and felt it time for the depressing graduation entry thats been brewing in my head for quite some time. so here goes nothing

these three years have been the most crazy, marvelous, unexpected, spectacular years of my life. When I finished elementary school, i didn't want to even go to reed. But now, i couldnt think of what my life would be like if i hadnt. The people here make up the most unique, entertaining group of people a person could want. to recount all the great memories i've had in my middle school career would take days. I dont want to make this too sappy or long, so ill finish it quick. All im trying to say is thank you to all the people that made these last years the best. i truly thank and love all of you.


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[30 May 2005|10:19pm]
i hate these things with a passion, and never do them. but for some odd reason, this one creeped me out. so....

Once there was a girl named Jamie, she was in 6th grade at Sequoia Middle School in Thousand Oaks. It was the day before outdoor school. She couldn't wait, she was so excited, she was packing practicaly everything in her room for the trip.
"Dont forget to pack your hairbrush, toothbrush, tooth paste, and toilet paper!!!" her mom yelled after her
"yea whatever mom" she shot back
Getting on the bus the next day, the boy she liked asked if she would sit next to her. Of course she said yes and the whole ride there was wonderful. She found out that he had feelings for her too!
Then it was time to get off the bus, sadly for Jamie and her new boyfriend. They kissed eachother today and went on the grand tour of Camp Bloomfield. She was so exited she had gotten her best friends cabin and everything. Cabin ..1. She picked a camp name "Butterfly" and her best friend, Jessica, picked the name "Moon"
That night the counselor announced that they had to pick a bathroom buddy (at this time the bathrooms were outside) in case they had to go in the middle of the night.
It was now 9:30, lights out.
Jamie had bunked with Jessica because they were bathroom buddies and since they were so close she couldn't get to sleep because Jessica's faint snoring kept her awake.
Then, she slowly fell asleep.
All of the sudden, her eyes popped open, it was still dead silent in the cabin and dark outside, only the moonlight shining through the window in a stream across her bed.
She had to go to the bathroom so she jumped off the top bunk to wake up Jessica, only, Jessica wasn't there.
Figuring Jessica had to go to, and didnt want to wake Jamie, she went to the bathroom alone.
When she came back into the cabin, she noticed Jessica was still gone...
but Jamie was sure she was fine.
Then next time she awoke, it was broad day light and everyone was awake, and the counselor was crying.
She wouldnt tell anyone why and then Timber, the instructor of Camp Bloomfield, came in.
He announced everyone must evacuate without looking back, in a single file line. If he saw anyone talking or look back he would call their parents and have them sent home immediately.
Wondering what all the fuss was about, they obeyed, walking in a single file line out the front door.
Jamie was just too tempted and waited for an opportunity to look back.
No one was looking, and she WAS at the end of the line so she glanced back and couldnt believe what she had just seen.
There, beyond all the police, investigators, and FBI agents. Beyond all the caution tape and worried faces...
was Jessica.
She had a rope tied around her neck, and she was suspended from the tree. She was skinned clean and bloody. The only way Jamie recognized her way by her eyes, which were the only things that WERN'T skinned or completely covered in blood. There was a bloody knife laying on the ground beside Jessica and a note pinned onto her foot. It wasn't opened so she guessed the cops didn't read it yet for evidence of some kind.
She burst into tears at the sight of her slaughtered best friend and when the counselors asked what was wrong she simply replied "Where is Jessica, I want Jessica!"
The counselor stood up and continued walking, now at a faster pace hard for Jamie and her cabin mates to keep up with.

----------------one week later---------------------------

Jamie turned on the news to see if the weather was going to be warm or not. But instead, she saw a picture of Jessica as the reporter explained the tragic accident to the public on national television. Here is the reporters story:
"Just a week ago, here at Camp Bloomfiled, a young 12 year old child, Jessica Saunders, was murdered here. 'Taken straight out of her bed' Says the cabbin counselor. Her parents are devistated and are now filing a lawsuit against Camp Bloomfield. She was found cut up and hung by a rope on a tree with a disturbing note that read, 'She was good.'
As if this was not devistating enough, A week later, a man was spotted on Sleepy Hollow, a ground on the camp premises, was seen with a chunk of what looked like human flesh. 'He was chewing it up savagely' says Locust AKA kevin, a natralist here at Camp Bloomfield.
A devastating story by Alice Haffer, back to you Ted with the weather."

Jamie flicked off the TV, mortified at what she had just learned of her best friend. 2 weeks later, Jamie was found on her bed, at exactly 3:01 A.M. dead. She was slaughtered just as her best friend was.

Bad things happen...when you go to the bathroom alone.

Repost this within the next 2 minutes in Jessica and Jamie's memory. If you carelessly dont, both of the dead, slaughtered, girls will come to your bed and slaughter you in your sleep. Just as they were....
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[18 May 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

kahlen lost.

im going to go die now.

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[11 May 2005|04:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i've wanted to do this for a while, but haven't had the time.

anyway, this journal is now friends only. comment to be added....if you're not already added and just some creepy stalker who reads my lj

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hannah...can you move back...its just when i look up... [10 May 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today was fine.

homeroom stabbed sophie with a coat hanger
6th learned a perfect sonnet is not an actual sonnet
7th mcd flicked off the class without realizing it
nutrition nothing interesting happened
1st blew bubbles with eva. conor continued with his sensual gestures
2nd played on konstantines calculator
3rd took test. failed test
lunch finished class best's. steven felt up kelsey. rikesh started pelting skittles at me. i made steven uncomfortable
4th ran.
5th charlie drank all my water

these entry's are becoming quite boring.


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you are to lauren as I am to tyler [09 May 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

today was....interesting.

homeroom talked about "mothers night"
1st koperberg was being an ass. i could go on for an hour, but i'm not going to.
2nd nothing, but tomorrow shall be much more lively.
nutrition started to rain. aubrey showed his hatred towards thomas.
3rd got in congress groups. i'm with alexia, conor, brian, and george. decided the only way to fix america after the civil war is to completely eliminate the south. our man ideas included sending them to china through a giant hole and blowing up the border, turning the south in to its own little island.
4th it was raining, so we just stayed by the benches the whole time. i panced lauren multiple times, was almost killed by tylers basketball, and got into a heated water fight with conor.
5th went on a search for a new chord, until derick saved the day.
lunch worst part of the day. courtney and lauren were being mean, eva was mad at me, and the only person that would actually respond to what i had to say was rikesh
6th made up with eva, which resulted in massive gossiping and yelling from fennell. conor tried to get me to sit by him, by giving me a poptart. but while getting the poptart out of his pocket he looked as though he was unzipping his pants......quite an awkward moment.
7th drew on henrys old reed. yelled at richard.

in both carpool rides today spencer choose to listen to radio disney. thank god for my ipod.

and on an odd note, my oboe teacher thinks i need glasses.


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hannah and andrews crazy adventure [07 May 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

today was one of the wildest/ghettoest/crazyest days ive ever had. it all started out at andrews house. we walked to vermont where we got starbucks and i took some pictures for explore la. we then got on the subway and went to hollywood and vine, where we encountered a homeless man being arrested for peeing on the subway. our plan was to go to roscos, but the wait was 45 minutes, so we we settled on kfc. i managed, for the second time, to throw my retainer in the trashcan. luckily, we get it out. we then walked to arclight and bought tickets to house of wax from some ghetto lady who didnt realize we were under 17. everything was going smoothly till we had to give someone else our tickets. she asked us how old we were, we said 16, she actually believed us, but said we needed to be 17. so now were stranded in the middle of hollywood. so we get back on the subway and to to citywalk. i call my mom, and she starts screaming at me and tells me i cant see a movie. of course, being the rebellious teenagers we are, we see house of wax anyway. it was one of the funniest movies ive seen in a long time. we then ran down a hill, through bushes, and passed security guards to get back to the subway, only to get on the wrong one. after stopping at the next stop, and realizing we were on the wrong one, we got on the right one. where we waited for 15 minutes before it started for no apparent reason. once on we listened to some gheto guy talk to who we were assuming was his wife or girlfriend about how "he didnt know she was a man". after rushing off the subway, getting "orgasmic" dr. pepper, and buying a mothers day present we arrived back at andrews house. once i got home we celebrated mothers day, even though its tomorrow, with some lovely thai food. i then managed to clean out my desk drawers, swifter the house, and do the laundry. im feeling oddly productive tonight.


6 are fucking happy

[06 May 2005|05:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today was quite fun.

homeroom finally got our grad night papers.
1st electricity with kevin. i cant tell you how much i love that kid.
2nd wasnt paying attention, like always, and kitajima asked kelsey and i a question. kelsey started to answer, when he made her stop and said i had to answer it. he smirked at me in a very evil "haha you wern't paying attention and i caught you" kid of way. and then, low and behold, i answered the question correctly
nutrition got weird flavored skittles
3rd got most of the history done with audrey.
4th courtney and i ran to slow, and had to run two laps. we then were put on the loser softball team. conor tried to do the thing where you say duck and then punch them, except even when i didnt duck his arm still went over my head
5th finished explore la drawings
lunch pizza day. watched teacher relay, which was very disappointing.
6th fennell kept yelling at me, and made me move. ironically i had just as much fun at my new seat then at my old one.
7th im ready to kill richard.

after school kelsey and spencer raced.

im gonna go watch sylvia now.


pure brillianceCollapse )

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brian- but marlen gives me piggyback rides.... [05 May 2005|05:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today was actually a good day.

6th fennell asked me to help her with her mac. got into a heated mac/windows debate. looked at old exla pictures.
7th played cool brahms piece
1st peer mediating meeting. sometime in june these japanese kids are gonna come to school and follow us around. its shall be awesome
2nd kelsey and i had a very entertaining conversation with brian
3rd hes back. which could only mean one thing....more notes and bad smells
lunch tried to take pictures of things...it didnt work
4th mile run. ew. kimberly questioned us about the ihp
5th played harlem nocturn. kickass song if you ask me.

i really should be doing my exla now.


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rumored desperate housewife denies rampant breat inflation!! [04 May 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

today was better than yesterday.

homeroom did announcements with eva and tracy.
1st acted out benjamin franklin with daniel. made conor bleed.
2nd had the weird russian sub. did homework with audrey.
nutrition dont remember
3rd got class best ballots.
4th played softball. found an inhaler (sp?) on the ground, gave it to ms small, and got one whole wolf dollar.
5th played when i wasnt supposed to.
lunch had yearbook meeting. marlen denied i had anything to do with the yearbook. isnt she nice. thomas was being an ass.
6th lauren made a funny mistake on her paper, and i asked ms.fennell about it. lauren got mad, and poured water in my pencil bag/box, causing our entire table to get wet.
7th danced with lesley to the altos part.


11 are fucking happy

[03 May 2005|08:01pm]
new sn:

stack of shellac

if you anyone you can guess where its from, and your names not allison, i might jsut give you a cookie
are fucking happy

[03 May 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | confused ]

gah. life is so weird right now. today could of been about 20 times better then it was. it started out fine. english went well. in band we had to do more of those stupid tests, but luckily this time i actually had someone to sit next to. nutrition and science were boring. i attempted to take a nap in geometry, didnt work. conor got me in trouble....asshole. did history stuff with anna. lunch was without a doubt the low point of my day. i put eva in a headlock, like i do with everyone, and she kicked me in the stomach as hard as she possibly could. i fell over and started to cry. i hate crying. i tried to stop, but couldnt. thank you casey and maddie for actually caring. oddly enough, the person that really made me feel better was daniel during pe. very weird if you ask me. the rest of pe was also quite enjoyable. out team was awesome. talked with alex, charlie, derick, and aaron during jazz band. mcd told samantha to solo, and she didnt want to, but being mcd, he forced her. that is until she started to cry. im sorry samantha, mcd is an ass. after school i worked on my explore la.


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can we have some strong men from the audience? [02 May 2005|08:05pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

hmm. life is odd. i haven't updated in a million years. friday with lauren and kelsey was fun. saturday made me realize how much i hate palm springs. sunday was the kodak. a super ghetto fat security guard gave me a ghetto handshake (where you collide your knuckles instead of your hands) and asked if i had been "hanging with b.b. king recently"

. today was pretty good.

homeroom nothing interesting.
1st broke bridges. was almost crushed by a stack of textbooks taller then me.
2nd presented our thingys. read our haiku. tried to sing our song, but was abruptly stopped.
nutrition told conor kelsey, lauren and i were his belrussian friend.
3rd took tests. failed miserably. drew on laurens id...hehe
4th played softball. our team dominated. conor gave me a high five, and my hand is still stinging. discovered tyler isnt very bendable.
5th charlie kept turning my amp off. he also claims i have a "hannah's apple"
lunch talked with wierd 6th graders. couldn't buy lemondade because im white.
6th fennell was being mean. told me my book was "morbid and going to make me depressed"
7th went to go make copies of music. stopped and said hi to all the 7th period pe kids.

after school spencers dad was incredibly late. i need a new sn. suggestions?


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you giant OAF! THREE! not TWO...not ONE...THREE!! [27 Apr 2005|07:36pm]
today was fun.

homeroom some ghetto guy stole evas seat, even though it was actually his seat
1st worked on bridge
2nd got in math groups. kelsey, lauren and i are going to make a movie acting out the proof and right hiaku's. continued preschool drawing
nutrition dont remember
3rd took notes. ghram made fun of me.
4th played softball. our team included, monique, kim, rikesh, gilberto, and aron. we lost 5-0
5th picked new song. which i actually have notes in. woot.
lunch worked on bridge.
6th conor ripped my vocab page out of my book, i screamed, and got yelled at. conor then marked like 10 wrong on my book, i tried to grab it from him, he shouted something along the lines of stop hannah, and i got yelled at. lauren and i were talking, i get yelled at, banished to sit next to daniel, and threatened to have to sit in the hallway. as you can probably tell, fennell was not on my good side today.
7th played cool hungariun song.

americas next top model is on soon.

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ricky do you have any sibilings? no..........wait, i thought you said you had a brother...i do [26 Apr 2005|07:29pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

today was pretty good. weird schedule, which made the day seem to go by faster

homeroom kitajima was late, meaning we didnt have to do the pledge, meaning i didnt get yelled at for not doing it. ricky flicked kelsey off
3rd took notes
4th not nearly as much drama as yesterday. monique didnt have another break down, but did talk to me about how mr. marshall "has her back"
nutrition ate tasty cookie thing.
5th wrote thank you letters to the jazz people. worked on science homework.
6th took notes. drew on the desk accidentially
7th copied off robert for the cat 6 prep crap. finished science homework
lunch the best part of the day. we all started talking to ricky...which resulted in thomas being called a racist, ricky admitting he doesnt like girls and steven trying to whack rickys head with a watter bottle
1st built bridge. gossiped.
2nd took test. kelseys a very naughty girl...


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lachsa~!!!!!!!!!!!!! [25 Apr 2005|04:19pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]



i love everyone who said congrats or anything of that nature, especially audrey.


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